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Pure Fun Home Playground Equipment: Rocker Seesaw, Youth Ages 4 to 10

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  • We are proud to offer the full line of Rainbow Play Systems, the best in wood play sets and backyard play equipment. These complete play sets are built for safety, durability and lots of backyard fun. All of the Rainbow Play Systems have the option to be configured with a wood play structure, plastic slides, wood stairs, rope ladders, wood climbing walls, canvas play set covers, wood swing sets, and much more.

    Backyard playground equipment is excellent for getting kids to go outdoors as it can provide a complete set of activities for kids to occupy themselves. Factors that come into play when choosing backyard playground equipment include safety and quality more than anything else, but you will also want find something that encourages them to use their imagination and provides them with a wide variety of fun activities. Keep in mind that the activities your child enjoys will likely change as they get older, so you will want activities that are enjoyable over a range of ages.

  • At Backyard Fun, we take the slogan Get Out and Play seriously. As a parent, you know that your child needs to get exercise every day in order to stay healthy. You also know that playing outside can improve your child’s mood and ability to focus on important tasks. When you choose outdoor play equipment, you’re deciding to give your child the opportunity to stay healthy and happy. We have a wide variety of safe and fun backyard playground equipment to help get your kids outside to play including: complete play sets, swing sets, trampolines, basketball hoops and even rubber mulch ground cover for their safety. No matter the needs of your family, we’re here to help you make the most of your backyard play time.

    The residential backyard playground equipments are available in wooden, metal or plastic variety. The metal variety is believed to be stronger and sturdier than the other two. Most of the equipments are also available in the do-it-yourself pattern. They normally have the instructions along with the pictures to help in re-building of the equipment. The backyard playground can be built by adding one-one equipment at a time. As there are many options available to join two sets, this is a feasible option.

    Brand name

    Tongxin you le


    backyard fitness equipment


    Park, School. Hospital, Fitness center, Garden


    Red, yellow, blue, green, brown, purple ,or as your option


    φ114*2.0mm steel pipe, cleaned by acid, then coated with phosphate solution, and finished with electro-static powder coating; other material is available


    customer's design are available


    Cotton and film (Seaworthy  export packing)


    1. Kids under twelve can't use it without a companied by adults.

    2. Too rapid speed is forbidden in case of danger of body.

  • Backyard Adventure Equipment

    Backyard Adventures is the premium play set division of Backyard Discovery. They make cedar play sets that are modular and can be customized to literally hundreds of combinations, making just the right play set for every backyard.

    Quality and Commitment
    Design experience combined with a commitment to quality, service and safety assures you that satisfying your family's recreational needs is our number one priority. Backyard Adventures use only durable, high quality materials. To avoid the constant inspection and maintenance required with cheaper, inferior materials used in many lower-priced systems.

    The crew at Dehne always encourages proper adult supervision with any playground equipment. Playground equipment purchasers should position equipment with a minimum six-foot clearance on all sides and furnish soft, reilient surfaces under and around the playground.

    There are combo play-sets, which are available. These residential backyard playground equipments will help in making of huge residential playground, where children from multiple houses can play together. Two different sets of equipment can be joined together using a crawl tube. The crawl tube is especially useful, in case of small children, so that they are able to play with the taller equipment with ease. They help them to move from the smaller one to the larger one safely. The crawl tube is normally used to connect two structures made of wood.

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Free Shipping: All complete swing sets include free shipping in the continental U.S.A. Detailed written and photo diagrams are included for installation of all models. Component Playgrounds has been making backyards fun since 1984. We appreciate your consideration of our backyard playground equipment and we are confident that you will be able to find the best products to meet your needs.