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“We didn’t know then, but when I started to look back I realised it must be the baby wipes.

Pampers Softcare Baby Fresh Wipes 7x box, 504 Count

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  • But, MI alone hasbeen thought to be less harsh than MCI, and baby wipes generally havebeen considered to be harmless. The authors, however, said they’ve found sixcases of children with chronic reactions caused by baby wipes that were laterconfirmed by allergy testing, and only resolved once the offending wipes wereremoved.

    Diaper rash is a nuisance to every mother and is a baby’s bane. As your baby’s skin is extremely delicate, it is necessary to change diapers as soon as they become wet to prevent diaper rash. Use mild baby wipes to clean the skin area and then, thoroughly dry the skin.

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    Baby U Baby Wipes are perfect for using on little ones at nappy change time. The wipes feature gentle cleansers and are enriched with Aloe Vera and baby lotion to care for baby’s delicate skin.

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Pampers Sensitive Baby Wipes - 576 ct

About a week later, my husband, son and I were having a sandwich at our favourite deli/café when a woman next to us spilled coffee on her blouse. She asked behind the counter if they had a wet cloth. After being handed one and feverishly rubbing her blouse, the coffee remained. I knew I had to step in. I asked my husband to quickly hand me one of our son’s baby wipes, and with a mortified look on his face, he did. He knew I was now entering the realm of promoting baby wipes outside our home. I handed the woman the wipe and suggested she try removing the coffee stain with it. She did some more massaging and patting, and then looked up at me in disbelief, as if I was the stain removal fairy. She asked what it was I handed to her, looked at the baby wipes package, and smiled. I smiled too, knowing there was a baby wipes-as-stain-removers convert now walking the streets of London.