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Find unique baby shower party favor ideas to create your own baby shower decorations & favors.

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  • This is a clever and easy baby shower favor idea that only costs $1 per favor to make!

    Start by buying $1 lottery tickets for each guest that is expected to attend (Maybe purchase a few extras in case you have some unexpected guests show up - they won't go to waste! You get to scratch them if there are extra!)

    Cut cute scrapbook paper out and fold around the lottery ticket. Secure with a cute bow and add a tag that says "We are so LUCKY you joined us! Are you feeling LUCKY?"

    These were handed out as favors at a wedding I recently attended and the guests loved them! They were a huge hit!

    Baby shower favor ideas 2015 can give you inspiration for choosing the best options. Have a look in the most unique and creative baby shower favor ideas 2015 and treat your guests with an amazing little gift! Like any other celebration, this can be a tricky process. How will you know which one is the best? How can you be sure? Well, the answer is that you will never be certain which baby shower favor ideas 2015 are the ones that will eventually do the trick. What you can do is go thorugh our list of the most amazing baby shower favor ideas 2015 and prepare yourself as much as you can. And then, magic will follow.

  • One of my visitors of this blog asking about animal baby shower gift ideas. I think choosing animal theme for your baby shower is a smart idea. Everybody loves animals, and they always happy when you give them animal themed baby shower favors, because they are cute and fun.
    I already giving several animal baby showers favor ideas in my previous post about baby shower favors idea. But in this post I will give you more.
    As you know I always give you suggestion to choose baby shower favors that last longer, useful and used frequently by your guest every day. This kind of favors will make your guests always remember your baby shower time every time they use or just look of your favor.
    It doesn’t mean that you can wondering about other baby shower favors idea like candies, cakes, soaps or other kind of favors, because you know your guest better than anyone, and only you know what kind of favors that suit to guests .
    Back again about , here I will give you about three or four different type of animal baby shower ideas, I hope this favor samples will open your mind to think about animal themed favors.

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  • Looking for something a bit more elegant?

    This exquisite collection of baby shower favor ideas will be sure to impress You and your guests.

Homemade baby shower party favor ideas | Baby Shower

Infant shower favors are items which should be regarded when having a shower. They are a good way to thank the guests, family and friends, for celebrating with the mother during her time of joy. Here are some unique and fun baby shower favor ideas to get you started: