Baby Range Rover Evoque's design will be seen "pretty soon"

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  • Six years later, Spen King was dead at the age of 85 and, despite his sentiments, the -as-asphalt-jungle-cruiser genie ain’t going back in the bottle, at least not in lands where running water, electricity and at least one McDonald’s in every town is a given. Perhaps nothing drives home this new reality better than the brand-spanking new baby Range Rover, the Evoque. However, it’s not so new that at least one tuner hasn’t been able to work its magic on one.

    Land Rover is likely to confirm production of the baby Range Rover late this year, and Marchand says market launch here in the U.S. is two years away. That means Land Rover has already put a lot of work into the vehicle; the timing suggests much of the production design work has been completed, and only a final assessment of market conditions and corporate finances is needed before the final engineering and manufacturing phases are given the green light.

  • Today, Land Rover unveiled what the brand calls its “new baby Range Rover” – the Range Rover Evoque, a name sure to evoque plenty of disdain from owners of the real-deal $78,425 Range Rover. (Then again, they’ve been stewing ever since Land Rover bestowed the name on the $18,780 cheaper Range Rover Sport.) The Evoque goes on sale in summer 2011.

    Range Rover Sport is the model which bridges the gap between the more expensive and the baby brother Range Rover Evoque. The Range Rover Sport is just over a couple of years old and is more or less up to date. It made its debut at the New York Motor Show in March 2013 and has been getting updates ever since. Some of the updates include a re-worked gearbox, a hybrid engine as an option and the monstrous SVR variant which has off-the-charts performance.

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