Merry Muscles Baby Exerciser Jumper

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Graco Bumper Jumper, Little Jungle

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  • The sturdy steel frame has non slip feet that keep it in place, even when your baby is jumping. This baby jumper does not require a doorway and is freestanding. The seat has three height levels for your baby’s comfort. The soft spring covers prevent any potential pinching of your baby’s fingers.

    The Fisher Price Luv U Zoo Is safer than doorway jumpers or walkers and can be moved around easily to whatever room you are going to be in. Be sure that if you have this in the kitchen, you do not have it anywhere near the stove or counters where the baby can pull things off and onto themselves. Never leave the baby unattended in their baby jumper.

  • No doorway is needed for this brightly colored baby jumper. The rocking, spinning and jumping actions provide plenty of muscle strengthening exercise along with the fun and engaging toys that provide mental stimulation as well.

    Once the baby can support their own head without assistance, they are the perfect age to use a baby jumper. These jumpers provide the baby with exercise for their legs helps them learn balance and also stimulates their minds with the many different activities that most baby jumpers offer.

  • The three top rated baby jumpers featured in this review are all stationary jumpers that do not require the use of a doorway to enjoy. All three of them also offer numerous activities for the baby to engage in including toys they can bat at and things they can do to engage lights, sounds and music too.


So there you have it, your best baby jumpers on the market. As with any infant products commercially available, they’re rated as being safe, reliable and absolutely the best choices to stimulate your baby’s auditory and visual senses, as well as aiding in their balance and early motor skill function.