Here are the big 3 baby formula companies and registration info:

Recent studies are now linking baby formula to diabetes, as well as obesity and other illnesses.

Baby's Only Organic Dairy Formula, 12.7 oz. (Packaging May Vary)

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  • I have a 10 month old baby. She is eating solids and has been on breast milk only. I plan to fed her until 1 year old but recently I have noticed that I am loosing mire than normal and I am extremely tired and I am loosing a lot od weight. My OBGYN recommended that I stop breastfeeding and switch to formula but I can’t do that to my baby. I saw your receipi about Raw Milk Baby Formula but I wanted to know if I could jyatr give her the raw milk instead without the other ingredients?

    We made the raw milk baby formula for our baby because he does not get enough from my breast milk but he got an allergic reaction (bumps on face and neck similar to eczema). We’ve been reading goats milk is a good alternative but we also read if baby is allergic to cow milk he will also be allergic to goats milk because they contain similar proteins. What do you suggest?

  • Sally Fallon Morell replies: This formula is a highly processed product (see ingredients below). The worst thing about it is that it has NO saturated fat!! Best to make the baby formula.

    Hello – unfortunately I’ve had a tremendously difficult time breastfeeding. Would like to implement one of these alternative baby formulas. Is the raw cow milk or raw goats milk best? Also, should only egg yolks be introduced at 4-6 months of age or are there any other foods that are beneficial? How much egg yolk should they be receiving per day at these ages? Thanks so much!

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  • In light of all the controversy around the higher levels of arsenic found in babys only formula, is Weston Price organization still endorsing it as the highest quality ingredients?

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Although a mother’s milk is the optimal source of nutrition for infants, baby formula still provides the fundamental source of nutritional value for many infants during critical stage of life when diet plays an important role in affecting long-term growth and development, metabolism and physicality.