Our 9 oz baby bottles come with Stage 2 (3-6 months) nipples.

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Youngevity Plant Derived Minerals - 32 fl oz by Youngevity

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  • “By the end of 2009, the six leading makers of baby bottles in the U.S. went BPA-free. In February, 2012 Campbell’s Soup said it would begin removing BPA from its most popular soups, though it did not set a time frame”

    The chemical industry’s request that the FDA phase out rules allowing BPA in baby bottles and sippy cups is nothing but an attempt to mitigate years of negative publicity from consumer groups in order to sideline tougher laws that would ban BPA from other types of food packaging.

  • The Food and Drug Administration announced the chemical BPA, or bisphenol-A, can no longer be used in manufacturing baby bottles or sippy cups.

    Above shows a sheet of cookie dough that I have ready in the freezer. Let the dough warm up slightly before cutting the baby bottle cookies… believe me if you are in too much of a rush you can really hurt your wrists! I actually place the shapes back in the freezer before baking so that spreading is kept to a minimum. Bake the baby bottle cookies following your recipe’s directions.

    Great idea for bottle feeding anywhere, anytime

    The Bottle Genie baby bottle holder is the perfect solution for those times that you need a helping hand. The Bottle Genie is a much needed feeding tool for parents, grandparents, caretakers and even a perfect baby shower gift. The Bottle Genie is also just right as a helping hand for parents of multiples. It can be impossible to feed two or even three or more infants at the same time without a little bit of help from the Bottle Genie. The Bottle Genie will even help multiples get on the same feeding schedule.

    The Bottle Genie comes in a soft fleece covering in lots of colors and patterns to choose from that will appeal to you and your child. And best of all, it's simple to use, light weight, flexible, and safely and easily adjusts to fit any size baby and bottle. Holds toys too!.

    Mothers and Fathers love to feed their babies. In fact, most early bonding takes place during the feeding routine each day. What happens if you're on an outing, shopping, strolling in the park or even have multiples, and your little one needs a feeding? It's the perfect time for the Bottle Genie baby bottle holder.

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  •  How to Choose the Perfect Baby Bottle

    by Juliet Spurrier, MD, Lindsay Ellis & Wendy Schmitz

    To begin start digging through your cookie cutters to find a baby bottle cutter. I have no idea where mine came from, but I know you can by just about any cookie cutter online.

WebMD Health News: "FDA Bans BPA in Baby Bottles."

In the UK, the current advice given by NHS Choices remains to baby bottles, which is deemed as especially important for newborn and high-risk infants (i.e., those susceptible to infection). Sterilization is also recommended in , such as by . A current recommendation in the US is that bottle sterilization can be replaced by cleaning with hot soapy water.