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Larged Quilted Chenille Baby Blanket Quilt ready by TheFiberChick

Mid-Century Modern Baby Blanket, Quilted Play Blanket with Retro Print

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  • Well, that might be overdoing it a bit, but these geeky baby blankets and quilts I found will definitely give your baby some geek cred. You can’t go wrong with any of these. I’m not sure who made the iPhone quilt, but all the rest of these are for sale right now on Etsy.

    Each one of these baby blankets and quilts are handmade and fabulous. It’s impossible for me to choose my favorite one out of this collection because I like them all so much. That Batman blanket that fits perfectly in the crib is definitely high on the list, and that Etsy artist will create Superman and other superhero baby blankets also.

  • This baby blanket is quilted with horizontal top-stitching and same fabric edge binding. It measures 27 x 34 inches. It is larger than standard baby blankets and is a perfect size for swaddling your newborn or laying on the floor for tummy time:)

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