Standard Horizontal Baby Changing Station

The funniest baby changing station graffiti.

Changing Pad By Playtex. Baby Changing Station Diaper Genie Smart Kit a Perfect Portable Infant Diaper Pad

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  • We have two different storage options, both of which keep all of your supplies handy. Some baby changing stations come with built-in storage underneath the table where you can put extra diapers, wipes and creams. If you want to save floor space, or you need some additional room for changing necessities, a wall storage unit can be quite handy. Wall units provide a lot of individual compartments so you can organize diapers by size or keep a separate space for each child's supplies. This arrangement also saves caregivers' backs because they won't need to constantly bend down to retrieve supplies.

    Little ones are your most precious assets, so you want to make sure that the babies and toddlers in your preschool or daycare are healthy and happy. Hertz Furniture's changing tables are designed to create the most comfortable experience for both babies and caregivers. Our baby changing stations come from leading early-childhood furniture manufacturers including Tot Mate and Foundations. If you need help finding the best choice for your space and needs, contact the for free design and project-planning advice.

  • We love the Rubbermaid Horizontal Baby Changing Station. It works perfect in our Handicap Accessible stall in the bathroom at our church. When not in use it just folds up close to the wall.

    Great baby changing station , arrived with all needed components and pieces to attach it to wall right from the box , no need to go looking for screws or run to the hardware store

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    Koala Baby Changing Station - Black

    One woman told the story of changing her baby’s diaper on a grassy area at an outdoor venue because the portable facilities didn’t have a baby changing station. A couple women walked by and berated her for it, telling her that she shouldn’t be doing that there. Fast forward a couple weeks when her husband has the baby and does the exact same thing. Only this time, the women passing by coo and remark about how wonderful it is that he’s taking care of his child and changing diapers.

surface mounted baby changing station

Though often overlooked and taken for granted, the convenience of a baby changing station in public restrooms is critical for many parents enjoying a meal out with family. Most baby changing stations fit snugly against the wall to leave as little a footprint as possible. We offer both vertical and horizontal changing stations depending on the amount of space you have to work with. Whether you’re remodeling a bathroom, building a new restaurant from scratch, or have had complaints and have decided to add a changing station recently, we have the sizes and styles you need to suit your customer’s needs. Choose from vertical or horizontal models, ADA compliant designs, and stations with child safety seats to suit your customers' needs. Always keep a full stock of on hand, and be sure to check out other child-friendly items like these and ! If you're wondering where to buy baby changing stations, we have a large selection available at the lowest prices.