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Fisher-Price Baby's Bouncer, Geo Meadow

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  • The is a lightweight, straightforward baby bouncer. If you are looking for a good quality bouncer for a low price, this unisex baby bouncer chair is a great choice. It has a colorful padding with cheerful safari characters and patterns. You will also appreciate the timer feature. This will save you batteries as it makes sure that vibrations and music shut off after 15 minutes.

    Times are changing and so does the look of bouncing chairs for babies. Bright colors and battery operated bouncers may soon be something of the past. The time is here that we can control the movements and sounds of a baby bouncer with our smart-phone or tablet.

  • The quality of the Baby Björn Bouncer lies in its ergonomic design. They pay a lot of attention to proper back and head support. The bouncer packs flat in minutes for storage or travel. Your child will love this chair. When he grows older you can just take of the cover and use it as a comfortable toddler chair.

    The is for parents that like a sophisticated looking baby bouncer. The only downside is that some parents may find its price too steep. Understandable if you consider that you will use the bouncer only for a few months. Nonetheless, I think you should check out all the wonderful features this bouncer seat has to offer.





    Bottom portion of the bouncer

    Typically made of metal

    Often flexible, allowing the baby to bounce

    May fold up for easy transport and storage

    Supports the chair and the baby


    Top portion of the bouncer

    Usually plush and cloth-covered

    May include carrying handles

    May include additional support for baby's head and back

    Provides a place for the baby to rest


    Small motor, usually battery operated

    Can be found in either frame or seat portions

    Provides energy necessary to give bouncer its motion

    Safety Features

    Straps, harnesses, and supports for baby

    Often made of soft fabrics

    Helps to keep baby in place while the bouncer is in use

    Prevents injuries


    Small plush or plastic toys suspended from top of bouncer

    Stimulates baby by giving him or her something to look at

  • Bloom offers a wide range of stylish and very unique baby furniture. For example the with its curved wooden frame looks more like a beautiful piece of living room furniture than a baby bouncer seat.

Baby Bouncers – ergonomic and suitable from newborn

They call it ‘baby powered bouncer’ meaning no batteries are required, all of the movements of the bounce are controlled by the baby, as baby kicks or bounces, the bouncer moves by itself. Which is great news for dads too who are always in charge of changing the batteries, the fewer the better so finally dad can relax too and watch a game while his baby is in a safe and comfortable place.