Replacement toddler spouts for Philips Avent Magic Cups.

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  • Once my daughter reached 5 months and her manual dexterity improved, I was keen to move her onto a beaker for her juice drinks. (My son tried beakers from an early age too, but 8 years ago there weren't any spill proof products on the market). I found in my local chemists that most beakers were only suitable from 6 months, until I noticed the Avent Magic cup, suitable from 3 months. I decided that it was worth a try. I am so glad that I did! The actual cup was too heavy for Leah to manage alone, but the spout and valve fit all Avent bottles, which meant that Leah could manage the 4 oz bottle with spout. She instantly took to using the spout, and it didn't matter if she decided to chew the bottom of the bottle as there really were no leaks! Leah now uses the Avent Magic for all her drinks except for breakfast and supper. She is proud of herself, as are our Health Visiting team and myself! What's more is that, should the valve or spout get damaged, replacements are available so that I needn't buy a whole cup. Thank you Avent!

    I feel perhaps that I am the exception here, after reading a couple of other opinions about the Avent Magic cup, all of which give a glowing report. I have to say however that I am somewhat disappointed with this cup. It is not what I expected for my money and in my view is perhaps not really suited to the younger toddler. My first moan, though not a big one, is that the spill proof valve does leak slightly. I have checked the valve is in place right and cannot see anyway it is on incorrectly. It dosent leak a great deal, a couple of drips if you turn it upside down. A drip is a drip though and drip about it I shall!!!! If it says spill proof I expect spill proof! My sons favourite pass time is to hold his cup upside down so I really need a cup that does not leak AT ALL. The other problem I am having, which hopefully we will grow out of, is my sons handling of this cup. It can be difficult and cumbersome for a lazy (!) twelve month old to master. My son much prefers his beakers which have handles. It is also quite bulky which does not lend itself to ease of handling. For the time being at least I shall be putting my Avent magic cup away. I am looking to buy an any way up cup with handles for now! Perhaps when my son is older and less lazy (!) I will use it again. I wouldn't discourage people from buying this cup as I have heard some very favourable comments, but for me this cup just does not cut it!

  • A month later, I gave him a bottle-feed and he totally rejected it! Panic set in and I quickly searched for an alternative, which was when I bought AVENT Magic Cup Soft Spout.

    Avent Magic Cup helps prevent spills. While drinking, the valve flexes open for air to flow in, allowing a continuous flow of liquid out. This non-spill cup is ideal for traveling and has a handle that's easy for small hands to grip.

    Joseph Schroeffel from Oakdale, PA 15071              March 9th, 2010
    We received the Avent magic cups, and we like thenm a lot
    They only problem we have is that went the toddler shakes the cup a lot the liquid comes out the vent hole some.

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  • Product Use : Avent Magic Cup with Toddler Spout for the older child.
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    After the chewing disaster with the Tommee Tippee Easiflow cups (see my reviews) I had to hunt out a new beaker for my daughter. I came across the Avent Magic Cups and thought they would be the best way to go as when I had the Avent baby bottles and the Avent Steam Steriliser both were successful purchases.

    Firstly, the Magic cups are available in a selection of colours. I purchased my daughter a pink one as she loved pink even at a young age but you can get them in pink, blue, orange, yellow and green as well. I think there may have been a red one too. It comes in two different sizes relating to the stage of development your child is at; the smaller of the two has a softer, squidgy spout and the bigger one has a harder spout.

    The beaker is a bit of a puzzle when you first get it out to use it. Firstly when you remove the lid, you will see that the handles are actually connected to a circular piece of plastic which screws on to the beaker, a bit like a teat does on a bottle. There is the main bit which you fill with drink. You put the handles on to the main body of the beaker but before you put the lid back on you need to sort out the spout. The spout is a complicated little thing as it is in three parts. You have the spout, a valve which covers the hole and then the lid. I didn't work out that there was a valve for a little while and it seemed to me that even when I positioned it correctly, not a lot of drink was coming out so I just took the valve out completely. The valve is there to prevent the spills but I would rather my little girl spill it than not get a lot to drink.

    I did notice that when I tried drinking from the beaker that the drink felt colder once it was filtering through the spout. It was very strange. It was so cold it actually hurt my teeth. My daughter didn't seem to notice though and always glugged her drink down. She didn't have to suck like babies are supposed to because I took the valve out but if you leave the valve in your baby will have to suck to get the drink out.

    It is easy to clean but I did leave the spout to soak in boiling water as sometimes after washing you could still smell whatever drink had been in it in the spout.

    My daughter did chew the spout again and little bits do eventually flake off. I think I just had a chewer! LOL!

    I would recommend it but definitely keep on eye out for chewing!

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I used the Avent Bottles for my son w/o much problem, and we've been using the Avent Magic Cups since he was about 8 months... however they have now started leaking EVERYTIME he uses one, and I was just wondering if I was doing somethng wrong with them, or if anyone else has experienced this?