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Philips Avent BPA Free Natural Polypropylene Bottle, 9 Ounce, 2 Count

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  • I used Avent bottles on both my kids that are now 13 and 10 and loved them. I now have a newborn and trusted Avent once again. Only this time I was extremely disappointed. I have probably close to $1000 invested in Avent from bottles, nipples, bottle warmer, sterilizer, pacifiers, and more. I have had nothing but problems with the bottle leaking all over my baby. She also seems to get air bubbles which Avent claims won't happen. Not sure what happened over the years but I'm out lots of money and totally disappointed. I will no longer recommend Avent as I have been for over 13 years.

    Having my second baby I've decided to use Avent again. Last night I've sterilized my bottles as always and to my horror I've discovered that the new Avent bottles fittings have melted! Please explain! I really don't want to show this picture on FB.

  • It seems to me that majority of AVENT bottles leak no matter how well the cap is on. It saturates my son's clothes and it goes everywhere. I have been through at least 14 bottles and they are not cheap.

    My baby has been using Avent feeding bottles (classic for first 3 months then natural since then). The markers/labels printed on the natural bottles are starting to be removed when in fact, the bottles have no 1 year yet. And the nipples cracked easily so I had to change nipples every two months. Also, the colors of the bottles are no longer clear.

    The new Avent Bottle Trainer Kit is specially designed to help baby progress from breast or bottle feeding to a cup.


    9 oz. reusable bottle
    Medium flow nipple
    Magic soft spout (white)
    Bottle trainer handles (white)
    Dome cap

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    I bought a set of AVENT baby bottles and they leak. I can't exchange them because I have already used them. I tried contacting them, but to no avail. The product they advertise is simply faulty. The leaky bottles pose a danger to the baby. When the bottle leaks, the liquid, which in my case is baby formula, spills on the baby clothes. But more alarming is the fact that if the baby formula gets into the baby's ears, it can cause an ear infection. I believe that the company needs to recall this product.

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Directions for Avent Sterilizers. Avent bottle sterilizers significantly reduce the amount of harmful bacteria babies come in contact with when bottle feeding.