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Pokémon Hero Figure, Ash And Pikachu

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    A trainers journey never ends - each generation befriends new Pokémon and battles new dangers. Explore the world of Pokémon with Ash and Pikachu Figures

  • Pokemon 20th Anniversary San Diego Comic Con Exclusive Ash and Pikachu Figure Set ($19.99): With this year being the 20th Anniversary of Pokemon, what better way to celebrate than with an SDCC exclusive! The top two characters, Ash and his best friend Pikachu make the perfect duo for this celebratory exclusive. This is Tomy’s first ever Pokemon exclusive made for SDCC. The set features Ash with a pokeball, pokedex and a never been done before Pikachu with a shiny hat. This set is only available at the 2016 SDCC and is not available in stores. There are only 2016 pieces being produced and sold at this year’s Comic Con. This will surely be on every top exclusive list and will sell out fast. (2016 pieces produced and sold only at the San Diego Comic Convention; Limit two per person per day; 403 pieces sold per day)

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