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  • Professional or Artist Watercolors contain a full pigment load, suspended in a binder, generally natural gum arabic. Conventional watercolors are sold in moist form, in a tube, and are thinned and mixed on a dish or palette. Use them on paper and other absorbent surfaces that have been primed to accept water-based paint. Clean up with soap and water.

    Last year, the L.A. Department of Water and Power to Michael Corey and Lance Williams, reporters at the Center for Investigative Reporting. It should, . So Williams and Corey used satellite imaging and various other tools to come up with their own estimates, . Billionaire and former Univision chairman A. Jerrold Perenchio led the list, at 6.1 million gallons a year, give or take. Our favorite: “Bold and the Beautiful” producer Bradley Bell and his wife, Colleen Bell, Barack Obama’s ambassador to Hungary, use 2 million-3.9 million gallons a year – not including water consumed by their 300-foot artificial waterfall. No doubt, it’s beautiful, and definitely is bold, coming, as it does, as the State Water Resources Control Board begins to urge farmers and residents who depend on the .

  • When using watercolors, it is important to use the full range of paint consistency. The densest possible color is obtained by using the paint as it comes from the tube. The lightest color is obtained by using paint heavily diluted with water, or applied to the paper and then blotted away with a paper towel. Generally, paint directly from the tube should be used only with drybrush application: if the paint is used to completely cover the paper it typically dries to a dull, leathery appearance (called bronzing). Usually one part tube paint must be diluted with 2 to 3 parts water to eliminate bronzing in paint applied with a large brush to dry paper; with 4 to 6 parts water to produce the most saturated color; and with still more water to produce delicate tints of color and to enhance pigment textures (granulation or flocculation). The main point is to take advantage of the complete range of paint effects that are produced at different paint consistencies.

    Earth surface waters are filled with life. The earliest life forms appeared in water; nearly all live exclusively in water, and there are many types of marine mammals, such as and . Some kinds of animals, such as , spend portions of their lives in water and portions on land. Plants such as and grow in the water and are the basis for some underwater ecosystems. is generally the foundation of the ocean .

  • "Islamic Art: Mirror of the Invisible World," is a 90-minute documentary to be broadcast nationally on PBS July 6 at 9 p.m. (check local listings) as part of the PBS Arts Summer Festival. This clip is about Islamic Art involving water.

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such as salts and sugars found in water affect the physical properties of water. The boiling and freezing points of water are affected by solutes, as well as , which is in turn is affected by . Water boils at lower temperatures with the lower air pressure that occurs at higher elevations. One of sucrose (sugar) per kilogram of water raises the boiling point of water by 0.51 °C (0.918 °F), and one mole of salt per kg raises the boiling point by 1.02 °C (1.836 °F); similarly, increasing the number of dissolved particles lowers water's freezing point.