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Really Annoying Sounds Prank Gadget

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  • This is a really annoying prank gadget that could be used against annoying co-workers who are always impeccably dressed. Use to unplug their drink off coffee, which would flow down their clothes of course.

    Do you like to annoy and prank your siblings? This is a popular pastime for brothers and sisters around the world! After you annoy them, go easy on them; after all, you don't want them hating you for life, and pulling prank after prank isn't very mature anyway. That being said, let the annoyances begin!

  • This annoying prank could be played against someone who is fond of this fruit. The moment they peel the banana, sliced parts of the fruit would fall off, much to their embarrassment. You could proudly declare “Bananas are my Business” just like Carmen Miranda said.

    Although the team and other officials at CENTCOM, the U.S. military’s Central Command that oversees U.S. military operations in Central Asia and the Middle East including Iraq, Syria and Afghanistan, is steadfast in their position that a recent attack on their Twitter and YouTube accounts were “cybervandalism”—an annoying prank—rather than “cyberterrorism”—a serious security threat—questions still remain regarding how vulnerable our government is to cyberattack.