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Gund Peek-A-Boo Teddy Bear Animated Stuffed Animal

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  • The new Transformers Animated toy commercial..super cool, I picked up 2 of the toys so far.I am the first person/youtuber to upload! Where can you buy these?: No longer available in stores, here's a website to help you get some:

    A good toy with a great car mode and a decent if flawed robot mode. The tribute is strong in the well designed car mode although the extra navy in the robot mode largely ruins that tribute. The robot mode's poseability and leg shape hold him back, but at least the robot's unusual proportions work, unlike some Animated toys. If you can deal with the robot mode's shortcomings and like the Animated style, I'd recommend Blurr - 7/10

  • As is often the case with Animated toys, Blurr's robot mode shape is quite unusual. His limbs are long and his torso also quite narrow, and the tapered head fits into this theme. The theme is unified - not always the case in this line - and the crest on his head fits in. I have to admit I don't like the look, but that's a personal thing. His legs aren't straight - the boots slope outwards, which looks really awkward and I _am_ critical of this aspect. Overall it's a solid theme. It doesn't fit the tribute, but that's fairly weak here, to be honest - the colours are too dark and there are few elements that remind us of the original - the crest and shield are the most prominent.

    As has been the trend over the past few years there are many electronic and animated toys on the list, such as the Little Live Pets Snuggles My Dream Puppy and the InteracTech Stormtrooper. There are also two drones, the Sky Viper and Nerf N-Strike Elite Terrascout RC Drone Blaster.

  • An excellent Animated toy that works well in both modes, and the character concept has been nailed well here. Poseability is excellent and the missile launcher works well. There's no real flaw here in one of Animated's best toys - 9.5/10

Animated Baby Toys Well, the animated toy

A good car mode, and one that fits the character concept very well. The colours work well and fit the character nicely while the missile launcher provides some play value. His sleek look feels more G1 than most Animated toys, since it's not much of a divergence from G1.