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DC Collectibles Batman: The Animated Series: The Joker Action Figure

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  • Written and Directed by Justin Michael and Harry Chaskin

    It's Batman! Yes, the Dark Knight and the entire line of DC Collectibles' Batman: The Animated Series action figures take center stage in a hilarious new ad featuring the Batman, Two-Face, Mr. Freeze and Catwoman figures...and some special guest stars.

    Look for the Batman: The Animated Series action figures at your favorite comic shop, specialty store or online retailer. Available now!

    Aliens have landed in Detroit! From the hit TV series, the Transformers Animated action figures bring big action with these colorful figures. The Autobots are ready to save the Allspark from the forces of evil, but the Decepticons are coming. Will the Autobots save the world from Megatron's forces? It's all up to you when you get these great figures!

Batman: The Animated Series Action Figures - New Commercial!