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Crocodile Dentist - A Grouchy Friend with a Grievous Toothache - 1 to 4 Players - Ages 4 and Up

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  • Since many of our patients feel strongly about choosing which dentist their children see, Alligator Dental is not contracted as a Preferred Provider for any insurance company and is not in any insurance network. This means even though Alligator Dental is not in your network of providers the costs incurred will be cover fully or at most with a minimal out of pocket payment. Most insurances cover 80-100% of preventive and treatment services for out of network offices like Alligator Dental.

    We are confident that even if your insurance requires you to pay a small portion out of pocket that you will find the quality of care and service at Alligator Dental to be well worth the expense. Alligator Dental proudly accepts Medicaid and Texas CHIP.

  • Absolutely you can use your insurance at Alligator Dental! As a courtesy to our patients we file electronically with all insurance companies to put your premium to its maximum benefit.

    Most Definately! Dr. Burns firmly believes that parents play an important role in diagnosis, treatment planning and behavior assessment for children. Especially with young children parents can assist in making a trip the dentist comfortable and be a reassurance with an anxious child. He strongly encourages parents to come to the back for all appointments until a child is comfortable and confident. Parents are asked to participate in all new patient exams. Dr. Burns also welcomes siblings to come along to see the Alligator Dental experience to build confidence on their own. Siblings are discouraged however to come when a sibling is receiving treatment to allow Dr. Burns and the parent to focus solely on the child.

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    Alligator Dental prides itself in being efficient. We appreciate your trust in us and want to respect the time you have set aside to come see us. As such Dr. Burns has implemented policies to ensure minimal wait times in the office. We strive to make sure no patient waits more than 15 minutes past their appointed time. Should we be running behind we will let you know in advance so you can be aware of any delays. We also appreciate families who inform us when they cannot meet their appointment time obligations.

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When looking for a Saturday dentist Alligator in your area it does not necessarily mean, there is an accident and you are in a need of urgent dental care. Saturday dentist Alligator are ready to help you with your dental problems like teeth cleaning, dental cavity, fillings, root canal, crowns, bridges, tooth taken out, dental implants, denture, mouth cut, gum treatments, dental x-ray, extraction, diagnosis for oral cancer which appear as red or white patches in your mouth. Or if you are simply looking for a dentist to beautify your smile with the newest technique that is available to them, what ever reason you have to look for a Alligator Saturday dentist near you, we are here to help you find, connect and even make an appointment with a dentist open Saturday Alligator in your area.