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    The All Season Wooden Doll House has 6 rooms and comes with decorated walls. There are also moveable stairs, and a reversible solar-paneled roof with winter and summer themes to inspire play year-round. Four furniture sets are included: bedroom, bathroom, kitchen and media room. The paints used to finish the solid wood walls and furniture are water-based color which is both durable and child safe. The All Season Wooden Doll House is part of the Hape & Educo Bamboo Collection. Materials used include: Baltic Birch, Maple and Rubberwood from FSC managed forests. To keep with the sustainable theme the company also used recycled packaging. Hape received two awards: one from Oppenheim Toy Portfolio – Platinum, and Parents Choice – Gold. Assembly is easy with the illustrated instructions that come with your purchase.

    The Mars Electric bike is not all wooden, but uses nice wooden panels hiding battery and controller. Thin plywood panels can be curved by applying steam, and then bracing them in the final shape while they cool. The BMC rear hub motor is in the back. This E-bike features a beautifully straight chain line.

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    There has been a recent trend to go green all the way by creating electric bikes in wood, a bio dynamically sustainable and organic medium (it contains all those cool words). Bamboo and wooden bicycles have been popular for a few years, and in 2012 wooden electric bikes started to creep out of the woodwork. It started with some really cool looking wooden bicycles, this one is all wood…even the wheel-rims:

    • Very popular, clean and contemporary shaker doors in a vintage espresso finish!
    • All Wood Cabinets with 3/4"solid face frame door and drawer front. 
    • Wood veneer center panel on doors.
    • Plywood box construction , completely finished and  NO PARTICLE BOARD!
    • All wood 1/2" plywood drawer box with under mount epoxy coated drawer slides. 
    • Hidden door hinges 6 way adjustable-euro style. 
    • Matching finished veneer end panels and interiors. 
    • Matching toe board included with each base cabinet. 
    • Ready to assemble with cam locks, robotically pre-fitted components and all parts included. 
    • Protective satin finish top coat. 
    • Full Overlay (1/4" Reveal) 
    • Full Manufacturers Warranty 
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  • Founded in 2011 by Ryan and Elizabeth Schorman, Wooden Camera became immediately popular in the industry after the launch of their first product, the A-box, which converted the RED Epic’s 3.5mm audio output to XLR and quickly became an indispensable tool on set. All of Wooden Camera’s products are designed, assembled, and shipped from their Dallas, Texas facility, while the Los Angeles location services studios, rental houses, and local production needs.

splinterbike quantum all wood bicycle

The history, visual beauty and architectural design of wooden roller coasters add to their mystique. But what really sets wooden roller coasters apart is that they deliver a very different ride experience from steel roller coasters. Wooden coasters seem to have personalities all their own. From their rumbling, shuddering sounds to their thrilling vibrations, wooden coasters heighten the rider’s sense of danger. A wooden coaster’s train seems to fight to stay on the track. Functioning as a shock absorber, the coaster structure is designed to sway with the force of the moving train. The wooden roller coaster experience can be different throughout the day as the temperature or the weather changes. Rain brings out the rich smell of the wood, and expansions and contractions in the wood can translate into more movement. Some people even claim that wooden coasters run better at night when the grease on the track and the wheel bearings loosen up. In one experiment performed on the Swamp Fox, operators found that the train ran its track anywhere from eight to 10 seconds faster at 9 p.m. than it did around 2 p.m. in the afternoon.