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  • The Air Swimmers are about 5 feet long when fully assembled, so naturally they don't come inflated. You need to buy your own helium, which you can get from most party supply stores. I got my Air Swimmer from Toys R Us and they sell Animal Planet branded helium tanks for normally $20, though I got mine on sale for a more reasonable $9.99. When I opened the actual Air Swimmers box, though, what I found inside was not an RC shark ready to be inflated, but an assortment of unfamiliar parts & sheets of die-cut adhesive sheets. It felt like a huge let-down as I barely even saw a hint of what the finished product was going to look like, just from seeing its parts. It took me, an experienced RC maniac who has built dozens of hobby-grade kits, almost an hour to put the Air Swimmer together carefully. I very strongly recommend significant adult supervision and/or assistance for the assembly, as it can get frustrating in parts, and rushing to finish it quickly can result in a flying fish that practically falls apart in mid-air.

    Following the Gift House defeat, B&M accepted it had also infringed Wow! Stuff’s IP rights in its Air Swimmers toys. It consented to judgment being entered against it in IPEC with damages and costs to be assessed.

  • In order to produce the remote-controlled inflatable birds, the Bluewater Trading Company licensed from developer Rovio Entertainment as well as the Air Swimmers toys produced by the William Mark Corporation. The Angry Birds Air Swimmers run on the William Mark Corporation's "turbo" technology, which provides an auto-flapping tailfin and other upgrades.

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