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The Poseidon Adventure Action Figures by Hell in a Handbag Productions, via Flickr

Wild Adventure Fisherman Action Figure

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  • Each of the Worst action figures stands shoulder to shoulder with all your retro space and adventure action figures, just don’t expect them to play nice! The Worst are the meanest of the mean and the baddest of the bad – simply put, they are the Worst bad guys ever! Their unholy alliance features:

    Following these six tips is a great way to start a hobby collecting adventure action figures. Collectors find that gathering these action figures provides them with the satisfaction of connecting with other fans of certain movies or comic books, recalling their childhood, and/or investing in items that might one day be worth a good deal of money. The best collectors find excellent deals on new, used, and vintage action figures on eBay.

  • People purchase multiple adventure action figures for three primary purposes: They want to play with them or make them available for others to play with, they want to become a collector, and/or they see an action figure collection as a monetary investment for the future. The purpose of the collection will determine what types of action figures the collector purchases and how the collector treats the figures after purchase. If the primary purpose in collecting action figures is for play, either for oneself or for a child or grandchild, then there is no need to take steps to preserve or improve the quality of the action figure. Collectors who acquire action figures for their own personal gratification also may not be particularly concerned about the condition of the action figure. For the third type of collector, however, the collector who wishes to acquire action figures and later resell them at a higher price, keeping the action figures in mint or near-mint condition is extremely important.

    Adventure action figures can be defined as those movable plastic toys that depict superheroes or other characters from a comic book, cartoon, or movie series. Unlike figurines, action figures have at least three joints that can be manipulated into different poses. The typical action figure size is no less than three inches and no greater than 11. This guide provides six tips for beginning and maintaining an adventure action figure collection.

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  • Adventure Time 5-Inch Jake and Finn Action Figure Set
    Jazwares Adventure Time Action Figures
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