Black slinky with silver hound tooth glitter patterns....

Royal slinky with Royal metallic foil....

The Original Slinky Brand Metal Slinky 3 Pack

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  • TAG : It's a slinky, it has raibow colors, it's a statement.
  • Original nickel plated steel formula for that classic Slinky tone. Heavy gauge set for an overall thicker sound. Optimal for detuning to Drop D. Great for rock, jazz, punk and metal.

    James and his wife eagerly awaited their first sale -- but days turned to weeks, and the Slinkys sat untouched. Perched between big-eyed plush dolls and shiny electric train sets, the boring springs stood no chance.

  • When James and his wife debuted the contraption the following year at the American Toy Fair in New York, the reception was incredible: after viewing James’ grassroots sales pitch, hundreds of toy stores and retail chains clamored to place their orders. By the end of 1947, the Slinky was a national phenomenon -- and not just as a toy. In an archived article, one fashionista revealed the must-have Christmas decoration of the year: a Slinky “dipped in gold paint and sparkling glitter.” A glamorous, sleek item, the Slinky had finally lived up to its name.

    Whereas the machine shop once took a few minutes to craft each Slinky, James’ new machine could roll one out in less than five seconds. Needless to say, production was vastly improved. James also revamped his packaging, ditching the yellow parchment paper for a clean-cut black box that read “Slinky: the famous walking spring toy.”

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    Tin plated steel core wire wound with Ernie Ball's exclusive Cobalt alloy delivering higher output with enhanced clarity. The most popular Slinky gauge combination since 1962. Great for rock, blues, punk and metal.

Comments about Slinky Original Metal Slinky:

The is a monkey toy based on the Musical Jolly Chimp toy from the 1960s. It monitors the Sunnyside Daycare at night, and can alert Lotso and the gang of any toys attempting to escape by screeching into a microphone to broadcast over the . Chatter Telephone tells Woody that he must get rid of the monkey before he and his friends can escape. Woody and Slinky manage to succeed in taking it down by wrapping it up in and shutting it in a . In the credits, it is seen in a much happier situation, gently playing its while wearing star-shaped sunglasses.