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Trailer, 2 Wheel, 1/4 Ton, M100 with M38A1 jeep, Fort Sill, OK, September 1958.

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  • I will pull out the gearbox next week and try to search for the cause why the sensor cannot read the 4 pins - try whether the pins magnetize and whether the sensor is in line and in a proper distance of them. I'll do this before I place the order for a new 60-2 wheel. Maybe I don't need one after all...

    The trigger problem you have experienced is very strange, it can probably be fixed with some more investigation but I understand that you don't want to pull the engine to see if something is wrong with the triggerpins in the flywheel! With 60-2 you want the first tooth after the two missing teeth to be lined up with the triggerwheel when the engine is around 60 degrees BTDC. It is VERY important that you don't have any runout when installing the triggerwheel as the different amplitude of the signals that result from that cause the noise rejection system on the trigger input to filter out the teeth which give lower amplitude. As you have already had lots of problems I suggest that you post a picture of the 60-2 triggerwheel you aquired. There are many badly designed triggerwheels out there. -Jörgen

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    Today I acquired a 60-2 trigger wheel which I intend to install on the front crank pulley. Please advise me whether it is necessary to position the 60-2 trigger wheel in a certain manner, eg. missing teeth and VR sensor together at #1 TDC or first tooth (or some other tooth) and VR sensor together at #1 TDC or is this even important?

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  • CLASSIFICATION: 2 Wheel Self Balancing Scooter, Battery Powered Electric Vehicle
    MOTOR POWER Pair of two 800 Watt Motors ( one for each wheel)
    BATTERY POWER: 24 Volts SLA Battery Set
    CHARGER: 24V SLA Battery Smart charger
    CHARGE TIME: 4-8 Hours
    Max. SPEED: Up to 11 MPH
    RANGE/Charge: Up to 16 miles per charge (distance varies by riders weight, terrain, road surface etc.)
    HILL CLIMBING CAPACITY: 20 Degree incline
    DIMENSIONS: 16"L x 27"W x upto 50"H(Handlebars) inches
    PACKAGE DIMENSIONS: 20"L x 29"W x 19"H inches
    TIRE SIZE: 16" x 3"
    ECO NET WEIGHT: 99 Lbs W/Batteries
    (Manufacturer) Warranty: One Year Limited WARRANTY from purchase date to the original owner.

    Yesterday I tried to get rid of the miscalculation with a new shielded cable, applied different pullups (18k, 22k, 27k,), but the ECU still could not read the rpm correctly (rpm jumped between 0 - 45 000), and flashed a red "TRIGGER ERROR" sign on . I tried a different sensor too - the first one quit responding all of a sudden, but that did not help either. So obviously there is something wrong with the pins on the flywheel. So now I do not see any other option than to switch to a 60-2 trigger wheel...

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