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1950 Mercedes Benz 170S, Red - Signature Models 18123 - 1/18 Scale Diecast Model Toy Car

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  • With the war recently ended, there were calls on both sides of the Atlantic to ban toy weapons. Boys in particular had for centuries played with weapons of all sorts, improvised or shop bought, playing Robin Hood and Cowboys and Indians as part of everyday life, but during the 1950s such war toys began to be discouraged. Furthermore, growing concerns about toy safety in general were forcing firms to rethink some of their products. The concern over the potential health hazard of lead gradually induced firms like Britains to switch to plastics. Soft toy makers had to be scrupulous about the safety of their own products, and all imports of dolls and soft toys had to be tested for hygiene.

    The Ohio Historical Society is seeking examples of 1950s toys, comics, furniture, and other household goods for use in the upcoming exhibit. If you have something would like to donate please contact us at: .

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    Oh, what marvelous toys from the 1950's. Sock Monkeys, Ant Farms, Play-Doh, Hula Hoops, Matchbox Cars, Lego, Slinky Dogs, and the ever changing Mr. Potato Head. Classic toys from the 1950s are still gracing our shelves, causing folks to grin, and finding their way into the hands of lucky, lucky kids.

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