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  • The low-priced hits just keep on coming. Apple on Thursday announced a new version of its 16GB iPod touch, available for just $199, as well as dropping prices on the 32GB and 64GB models by $50 and $100, respectively.

    And that introduces the dilemma of the 16GB iPod touch as a gift, particularly for younger people. Its price makes it a natural. But, for many, the inability to use that gift for a favorite social activity means it won’t be nearly as welcome as the higher-priced iPod touches. While this is hardly a “buyer beware” caveat, those considering this iPod as a gift will want to be aware of just how much the recipient uses social media.

  • If you’ve forgotten The Strange Case of the 16GB iPod touch, don’t feel too bad: The $229 model with a few … peculiarities. For one thing, it featured no rear-facing camera, just the front-mounted FaceTime HD camera. It also eschewed the iPod touch loop connector that its siblings sported, and came in just a single color: silver.

    Now that strange one-off has been consigned to the dustbin of history, joining the likes of the rare . In its place is a fully featured 16GB iPod touch that comes in all the colors of the rainbow—well, the pink, yellow, blue, silver, space gray, and (Product) Red that the 32GB and 64GB models come in—and has the same 5 megapixel iSight camera and loop connector. (The wrist strap itself, however, is not included as it is with the more expensive models.) In other words, it’s more or less the 16GB iPod touch that we should have had all along—and for $30 cheaper.

  • The big question, for me, is whether any of those new prices are indicative of moves we might see for the iPhone come this fall. While the 16GB iPod touch now comes in at the same price point as a 16GB iPhone 5s, the 32GB and 64GB iPods are now cheaper than iPhones at equivalent capacities. Granted, the iPhones’ prices are subsidized—which makes the iPod touch prices that much more impressive. But as most of us have become more demanding with our iPhones, that 16GB base model is starting to seem more and more paltry.

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So, would I personally recommend buying Apple's 16GB iPod Touch? Not a chance. The extra $70 to buy the 32GB model with the rear camera is money well spent. And even then, you might be foolish not to spend $30 ($329 total) for an .